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About us

GVB GmbH – Solutions in Glass with head office in Herzogenrath sells and processes different types of special glass.
Large-scale and medium-sized as well as small companies and craftspeople can receive technical, lighting and handicraft special glass.
On 2500 m² warehousing space we undertake the storage, picking and shipment of the products on customer request. Through placing of volume contracts you have the possibility, to respond flexible according to your needs and you can save space and thereby costs too. Besides, borosilicate and quartz glass in form of plates and tubes, is ready for shipment in the short term from our own warehouses

We turn your dreams into reality.

About us Our customers benefit from our years of experience in the special glass sector, as well as from our strong networking connections in the Asian, American and European markets.
With the skills and talents of our multilingual team, we have the ability to provide research on international markets.

We customize your product.

In addition to our standard products, we also supply our customers with up to 50% of individually produced articles for various applications. We stand by our customers from the beginning of the process to the end, lending support and direction whenever necessary.

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About us


GVB GmbH – Solutions in Glass
GVB Address
Nordstern - Park 2
D 52134 Herzogenrath
+49 2406 665588-0
+49 2406 665588-10

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