Laboratory Glassware

made from Borosilicate Glass 3.3

Borosilicate Glass Rods 3.3

- manufactured up to a diameter of Ø40mm

A real alternative! New Boroplate

- floated Borosilicate Glass Plates 3.3

Borosilicate Glass Tubes 3.3!

- GVB offers you a big stock range with short delivery times!

Standard ground joints made from Borosilicate Glass 3.3

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Boroclear materials 3.3

Boroclear materials 3.3
You can get our Boroclear (Simax) materials as tubes, rods, capillaries or laboratory glassware. It is an equivalent group member of the technical borosilicate glasses 3.3 which is approved worldwide and internationally defined according to DIN ISO 358. This is why it is combinable with other glasses of this group. The standard length is 1.500mm for all tubes and rods. Of course they can be cut to shorter lengths in our workshop.

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