Colored Rods made of Borosilicate Glass 3.3


- colored Borosilicate Glass Rods and Tubes


- colored Borosilicate Glass Rods and Tubes

Coated Dichroic Plates and Images

made of Borosilicate Glass 3.3

Tools you need to work with colored Borosilicatglass 3.3

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Colored glass


Artisans’ hobby-artists will find a broad spectrum of colored rods, tubes plates and pictures for their creative work at GVB.

In our range of “colored borosilicate glass“, we offer a broad stock range of products of all four of the biggest American producers. Every single rod has to undergo a strict quality check.

Besides American Rods we can also supply you with Colorstar, which are colored tubes (and rods), to very reasonable prices. Our “Perlenmacher-rods” make it possible for you to add some clear borosilicate glass to your multicolored works. All borosilicate glasses are combinable.

Besides rod made of borosilicate glass, our broad product range also includes soda lime glass which is compatible as well with other soda lime glasses like Moretti.

Let your imagination become reality and benefit from the great variety of products we offer and the possibility to order small amounts of each of the different products we sell to find out what works best for you or to simply combine them. Please also make use of the possibility to receive assorted samples to special prices.

Glass Alchemy’s Boromax

Glass Alchemy’s Boromax Glass Alchemy’s Boromax is a hand-drawn borosilicate glass 3.3. It all started with Glass Alchemy’s color C0E33 Crayon, the glittering Sparkle-colors and a lot of other favorite colors of our customers’. The...
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Northstar’s Borocolour

Northstar’s Borocolour Northstar’s Borocolour offers more than 100 combinable colors. They can be divided into two categories: Colors that tarnish and those that don’t. In addition to that, the shades of each color can vary, depending whether...
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Trautman’s Art Glass (TAG) Borohawk

Trautman’s Art Glass (TAG) Borohawk Trautman’s Art Glass (TAG) Borohawk offers wonderful colors. It has succeeded in transforming the colorless rod Mai Pink to a warm color with amber effects during the first treatment in the flame. The color changes again in...
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Momka’s Mombo

Momka’s Mombo Momka’s Mombo borosilicate rods are unique. Besides unicolored rods, Momka made it possible to create multicolored rods. Assorted samples of our uni- and multicolored rods are available in our Online Shop. Convince yourself...
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Colourstar By adding Colourstar to our product range, the family of colored borosilicate glasses has increased by one product of a new producer. Colourstar is the cost-efficient alternative for single-colors! Apart from colored rods, our...
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Dichroic Sheets and Images

Dichroic Sheets and Images Dichroic plates made of flat borosilicate glass are applied in one-sided thin layers by using the sputter technology. Due to the structure of the layers (their quantity, target materials, the combination of layers and so on) an...
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Colored glass Special stock

Colored glass Special stock The usual discounts do not apply in the context of the promotion. Minimum order value 100 € net. For orders with an order amount below 100 € net, we will charge a handling fee of 20 € net. Subject to...
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Northstar’s Sodacolour

Northstar’s Sodacolour Northstar’s Sodacolour are rods made of soda-lime glass which can be combined with other soda-lime glasses. Besides assorted samples of Borocolour by Northstar, our Online Shop also contains assorted samples of the beautiful...
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Trautman’s Art Glass Sodahawk

Trautman’s Art Glass Sodahawk Trautman’s Art Glass, once again, surprises with innovative creations. The noble Golden Emerald creates a real reflecting gold. Then there is Zeus, a cristal clear rod that can – depending on its treatment - be...
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Double Helix

Double Helix Double Helix are rods made of soda-lime glass and can be combined with other rods made of soda-lime glass. The product range contains a lot of very special colors such as Kalypso, which resembles of raspberry cream glowing in the...
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