Clear and matt tube and rod cuts

According to our customersīneeds

We are pleased to sandblast your individual cuts addionally.

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Cuts from tubes and rods (clear/silk finished)

GVB uses modern methods, like cutting with special diamond saws, to cut our glass tubes and rods to specified lengths. Sawn cut ends are quite sharp-edged and matt-looking.

Besides we shorten tubes by thermal cutting. Thermally cut ends are sharp-edged and clear.
Certainly, in addition to cylindrical tube cuts GVB also produces shells and tube segments in different lengths and diameters.

GVB offers different methods to treat the edges and faces. Depending on the purpose or our customers’ needs it is possible to grind the ends. The inner edges as well as the outer edges can be chamfered purposefully.

Thermally cut, sawn and grinded end faces and edges get back the typical luster of a glass sur-face by flame polishing the cut edges. Due to various methods we are capable of melting the end faces either slightly or intensely, depending on our customers’ request, to give it different appearance effects. Final annealing will remove stress from glazed tubes to avoid subsequent damages caused by permanent stress.

Tube sections can be satined in our powerful sandblasting plant. During this process, the tubes can be partly or entirely sandblasted. Our sandblasting plant consists of high-class components, and the level of automation is fairly high, so a homogenous and fine surface quality can be guaranteed.

To fix tube sections in various applications such as they occur in lamp construction, cylinder bores can be incorporated in the glass tubes. During this process, mounting holes can be produced according to our to our customers’ wishes.

Additionally to our tube and rod cuts, GVB successfully offers plates and discs made of borosilicate glass as well as made of quartz glass. We manufacture them with grinded and chamfered edges. Our extensive stock range includes a vast number of standard dimensions. Moreover we happily offer cuttings from special plate materials according to your needs.

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