Discs, Plates, ingots and blocks made from Fused Silicia

Purest synthetic Quartz Glass for your optical applications

Discs, Plates and blocks made from synthetic Quartz Glass

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synthetic quartz plates

Synthetic quartz plates are produced from one of the world’s purest materials: Silicon tetrachloride. Synthetic quartz glass in general is gained from a silicon compound in the course of the chemical process during the vapor phase. The production technique guarantees slightest optical absorptions, the highest purity and low bubble content. Furthermore the material is permeable in the vacuum-UV range and the UV range up to 190nm. Depending on the wall thickness, a transmission up to 90% can be reached at 180nm. The material is also perfectly suitable for applications in the near IR-range.
Our standard glasses FS03 and Viosil SQ do not show any fluorescence for large wavelength bandwidths from UV to Infrared. Because of the minimal absorption of the glass, the low roughness of the surface and its high thermal shock stability, synthetic quartz substrates are often used for coatings.

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